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OSHA requirements can be complex. We make it easy by tailoring our safety training to meet them.

Your workers will learn about shock protection based on three levels of approach. Our training also includes the OSHA-mandated topics of arc flash protection based on hazard risk categories, spacesuit-like personal protective equipment, incident energy and lengthy arc flash boundaries. Our training topics include:

  • Governing Electrical Safety Standards
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Exposures to Electrical Hazards
  • Safe Work Practices

Each employee who completes their training will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Frequently Asked Questions •••

What kind of training do you offer?

We offer complete, on-site electrical safety training to employees designed to meet OSHA requirements. To get started, CONTACT US TODAY with your company’s unique requirements. We’ll provide a free quote and can schedule your training on a day that works best for your team.
**At this time, we do not offer training for individuals.**

Who is required to take safety training?

If your workers are exposed to electrical hazards on the job, they must undergo employer-provided safety training. Exposure includes working on, around or near electrical equipment, machinery and circuits.

It doesn’t matter if the employee is an electrical or non-electrical worker — if they’re exposed to electrical hazards, you need to make sure they have proper training. This is an OSHA requirement.

What makes Technical Skills Development unique?

Technical Skills Development Services makes training easy. With our on-site electrical safety training, you can fulfill current OSHA, NFPA 70E and risk management requirements quickly.

It’s simple: We send a qualified trainer to your site to certify a group of your workers in a single day, all for a single price. Our experienced instructors can train unqualified (non-electrical) and qualified (electrical) workers.

How long are training sessions?

Your unqualified workers will attend only the morning session (four hours). Qualified workers will attend the morning and afternoon sessions for a total of eight hours.

Do you provide customized training?

Does your company have certain Arc Flash/NFPA 70E training requirements you need to meet? We’ll customize your training based on the kind of electrical hazards at your facility, your processes and the tasks your employees perform. We’ll design a training program tailored to your exact needs — at no extra cost!

What do we need to provide?

All you need is a classroom setting with tables, chairs and a screen or surface we can use a projector on. We supply everything else, from A/V equipment and tools to meters and other materials your employees will need to complete the training. To learn more or schedule a class, contact us today!

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