How To Become A Wind Turbine Tech

Imagine if you will, gazing out on the vast golden plains of America, stretching endlessly into the distance. The horizon is punctuated only by the occasional mountain peak or mighty white spire. Your vantage point? One of those same spires, 300 feet tall, with three massive rotating blades at the top — a machine harnessing the natural power of our atmosphere’s wind to create electricity.

Why Is Arc Flash Training Required?

If you find yourself working in an environment where you may be exposed to various electrical hazards, then you may already be familiar with the notion of arc flash training.

NFPA 70E 2015 Change

The NFPA 70E is a standard that describes practices and procedures to maintain electrical safety in the workplace. It outlines how contractors, electricians, and engineers can practice safe construction and maintenance of indoor electrical systems.

Why Train On Site?

Ensuring that your employees are properly trained to work safely around electrical equipment, machinery, and circuits isn’t just a good idea – it’s the law! OSHA guidelines mandate that training must be provided for qualified and non-qualified electrical workers. The training must also be conducted on-site. Online safety classes will not fulfill the OSHA requirements.

NFPA 70E Overview

NFPA 70E is a standard that covers the work of electrical contractors, electricians, and engineers. Many professionals in the industry don’t have a solid understanding of the standard, even though it regulates much of the work that they do. We have created an overview to help you understand what NFPA 70E is and how it affects your business.